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Cheerplan Investments Limited, incorporated on 5th July 2005, in BVI. The company is mainly an investment company, invest in IT, medical, blockchain and education industries.

Milestone Exchange is the pioneer of global financial technology. It is a borderless digital currency social trading network in Hong Kong. During the start-up period, relying on the distributed anonymous social platform, more than 100,000 users from Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States have gathered. At the same time, it has good reputation among professional traders. Milestone exchange continues to innovate trading and investment tools, reducing its dependence on centralized exchanges and traditional financial markets.Milestone exchange is fully owned by Cheerplan investments limited.

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MILESTONE EXCHANGE cryptocurrency trading is simple and intuitive. In just a few simple steps, you can buy digital currencies immediately. You can trade multiple cryptocurrencies quickly and securely on the industry-leading trading platform. MILESTONE EXCHANGE offers a variety of cryptocurrency trading pairs to fully meet your needs.

Please note that there are market risks, including investment activities for buying cryptocurrencies online. We focus on providing you with a simple and convenient way to buy quickly, and do our best to protect users' full right to know about various cryptocurrencies on the exchange. However, MILESTONE EXCHANGE is not responsible for the possible consequences of users purchasing Bitcoin. This page and any information involved do not imply that MILESTONE EXCHANGE endorses any particular cryptocurrency or method of acquisition.
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